The First Things We Notice for When We Go Into Someone’s Home

The First Things We Notice for When We Go Into Someone’s Home

It may not be what you expect!

Anyone who’s ever entered another person’s home for the first time can agree that there’s always one or two different things that we first notice. Usually it’s quite subconscious, but it’s something that we all do (whether we admit it or not!). Here are the things our team always pays attention to when going to someone’s place.

Lara: I notice the temperature, which generally means that it’s either too hot or too cold. The home may be tiled and in need of rugs, making it cold, or not have any window furnishings and be sweltering hot. As an Interior designer, my job means that I’m entering hundreds of homes each year. I’m always very appreciative when the temperature is comfortable.

Katrina: I always notice the scent of someone’s house right away. A distinct fragrance always sets the mood and reflects the home owner’s personality. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the scents their attracted to, whether it’s a light and coastal feel from a Coconut Lime scented candle, or a luxurious moody smell using a Leather and Tobacco scent. l and I’m always interested to see what candle brands/scents or other scent-related products people use.

Jessica: The first thing I probably notice (other than the smell, thanks for pinching my answer Katrina!) is the layout and overall aesthetic and cohesion of the home. If it’s laid out beautifully with considered, complimentary pieces I immediately feel at ease. Whereas if furniture is out of place or the colours / accessories / patterns within the space are completely mismatched it can feel a little jarring. It’s a subconscious reaction that I’ve realised over time. I think it comes back to my training as an interior designer, you immediately know what works and what doesn’t.

Caitlin: I take note of the front façade and entryway. Is the garden landscaped beautifully? Is the grass manicured? Is there a path with easy access to the door? (so I don’t dirty my shoes)?
Once I get inside I’m always curious to see how people arrange their entry space. I look for things like whether or not there’s a designated area for shoes, or a place to set down their keys. I notice if there’s a mirror to quickly glance in on their way out the door. Every new home gives me tips and ideas for how to better utilise the space for other clients and in my own home.

Emma: I think I notice the artwork first because it’s (usually) the most colourful aspect in the space. It tells me what their style is, abstract/photography/political etc. It’s offers amazing insight into someone’s personality and can be a great talking point.

How to Style Your Shelves Like a PRO!

How to Style Your Shelves Like a PRO!

by : Katrina Sandie | Design Consultant, Tailored HQ

Shelving in any room is a huge focal point and so important to a room to create personality. It is a chance to showcase your favourite decorator pieces and sentimental collections. But how do you know when you’ve got enough on display? And how do you make sure it doesn’t look like a hoarder’s heaven? We have put together some hints and tips below to help you get started in your home!

Firstly. gather all your favourite possessions (such as the floor) and lay out so that you can see everything together.

Now start with your larger items and books. These should be evenly spaced out across your shelves to create a symmetrical and balanced feel. Make sure that all the colours and tones of the items complement each other. Try to stick to two or three complimentary colours at most otherwise your shelves may run the risk of looking too busy.

Furthermore, try to stick to either warm or cool tones for your metalics. For example, if you have brass and gold tones perhaps stay clear of silver and chrome vice versa.

Arrange your favourite books in sets of two or three, placing them evenly on the shelves. If the book spines clash against your colour scheme, then place them towards the wall and let the paper pages’ shine at the front!

It is now time to add your favourite personal photos, artworks, and smaller items. Arrange these in a way which nests in with your books and larger items to create small “stories”. Ideas which would work beautifully are items such as your child’s artwork from school (framed), photos of travel, and small artwork finds at your local flea markets. You don’t have to spend a lot on artworks for it to be visually effective!

Don’t forget to layer in a little bit of texture for a more interesting space. This could include leather display boxes, unique shells found at the beach, timber bowels, cane baskets, rope arranged into a sphere, foliage, fresh flowers or stick arrangements.

Lastly, while working on your shelves, please keep taking a step back to take it all in and revaluate. If your shelves are looking too full, then simply remove a few pieces and keep adjusting. The beautiful thing is that you can keep changing your shelves up when you feel like it, say with a new season or if you find a beautiful new piece to showcase.

Just remember, anything that makes you smile… put it on your selves. This is all about you and your home! We put together a few examples below found on Pinterest that we love.

It is time to start thinking Outdoors for Spring!

It is time to start thinking Outdoors for Spring!

by : Katrina Sandie | Design Consultant, Tailored HQ

Don’t let this cold wet weather fool you as before we know it, it is going to be clear blue skies and outdoor entertaining will be in full swing!

Here are a couple of tips to help you create the perfect outdoor entertaining space this season:

·  Don’t be afraid of using outdoor rugs: Outdoor rugs ground your furniture pieces, as well as adding texture, colour, and softness to any outdoor space. Rugs are also to help define different entertaining spaces for outdoors, guiding guests when they arrive. Most outdoor rugs are easy to maintain with a simple hose down after use.

·  Add a Table Runner: Bring a little bit of sophistication and style to your outdoor space by using a beautiful table runner to compliment the style of your trays and serving platters.

·  Make it comfortable: Comfortable outdoor cushions and throws make all the difference, especially on those chilly nights where you want to extend the outdoor party after the sun goes down.

·  Don’t leave it until last minute: Most furniture lead times are 6-12 weeks for larger items, so we recommend getting in sooner than later to make the most of your new designs for the season!

7 Ways to make your rental feel like a Home

7 Ways to make your rental feel like a Home

by : Jessica McSorley | Interior Designer, Tailored HQ

For many Australians (my Husband and I included), the possibility of owning their own home feels a distant dream. Rentals can often feel temporary and uninspiring, but they don’t have to! Renting doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the idea of injecting your own style and personality into your home. Here are 7 of my top tips to make your rental you own.

1.Work with the existing style of your home

Once you move in it’s important to pay attention to your homes existing style and features.
What colour are the walls? Does your home have plenty of natural light? What is the flooring situation and what sort of fixtures are in place. Once you’ve taken stock of your surrounds, I suggest doing some research into interior trends and see which style your home lends itself to. Do you have cold grey tiles and white walls?

Focusing on a natural palette of materials will bring some much needed warmth to the space. Are you working with a retro palette? Good news! We’re seeing a resurgence in Seventies styling which means that a relaxed bohemian aesthetic could be just what you’re after. There will always be a trend / style to suit your home that you can mix and match with your own personal style to create a space as unique as you.

You can check here for inspiration in styling your home.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask your Landlord

This is something that I encourage all renters to do. If there is something about the home that you feel could be improved, put the question to your landlord.

Afterall, the worst they can say is no.

In our case, our home had a purple feature wall in the living room that I could only describe as ‘awful’. I submitted a request to re-paint the wall and sent along a sample swatch of my suggested colour and the owner loved it! (I chose Dulux Domino). Your request might be something along the lines of shelving or hooks for some artwork. Whatever the request, there’s no harm in putting it out there.

3. Dress those Windows

Awful curtains are one of the easiest and simplest things to replace and yet they so often remain in place and neglected throughout endless tenancies. Take down the existing curtains and store them in a safe place (so that you can rehang them at the end of your tenancy). Replace them with brand new curtains to elevate your home. A crisp white linen look will suit just about any space, but any simple, neutral colour is generally a safe bet. Pop into Tailored HQ and ask about how we can help you out!

We’ve got several pieces of Artwork that you might be interested in.

4. Art & Mirrors

Nothing shows your personality and style quite like art. If you’re anything like me, you have an assortment of photographs and framed pieces that each tell a story. Obviously, when in a rental it’s not possible to drill holes into the walls at your own whim to place your art. But you can use removable hooks or simply rest your artwork and photos on top of existing shelving or furniture.
As well as art, mirrors make a great addition to any home. They are a great, inexpensive way to add depth to a room and bounce light around to brighten up any dark room.

We’ve got several pieces of Artwork that you might be interested in.

5. Replace the Lampshades

Lampshades are another way to instantly elevate a space. While I don’t advise replacing the fixtures themselves (unless you have express permission from your Landlord), you can change out the shades for the duration of your tenancy. This is exactly what I plan to do in my Living Room.

I would describe the current shades on my pendant lights to look like UFO’S, so I’m tucking them away at the back of a cupboard and replacing them with the rattan shades pictured below. If you’re after a custom shade feel free to drop by the showroom and we can walk you through creating a unique look just for you.

Spotlight on our Favourite Rug Supplier : Tappeti

Spotlight on our Favourite Rug Supplier : Tappeti

by : Katrina Sandie | Design Consultant, Tailored HQ

To say we love Tappeti is an understatement! This company opens up the doors to a world of creative and endless possibilities to let your mind run wild with rug designs.

There are three simple steps to creating a beautiful and unique Tappeti Rug.

Choose a design, or create a unique design yourself

·  Have you got a design in your mind which you would love to see made a reality? Perhaps you have your heart set on an array of colours, however you cannot find the exact texture and size that you need? Tappeti can create any design from scratch, or otherwise select from their already made styles.

Select the Colours, Textures, and Fibres

·  Once you have the design locked in, now is the fun part of choosing your colours and fibres. Perhaps you prefer a beautiful soft and silky feel so you will opt for Viscose, or something a little more resilient like wool and nettle. Even better, we can mix a few colours, fibres, and textures together to create a one-off masterpiece!

Size and Shape

·  The final stage is confirming the appropriate size and shape for the room. This could be oval, round, square, rectangle or hexagon. Tappeti will make your rug the perfect size and shape for the space.

Once all of the above is decided, Tappeti will send through a digital example image of what you would be exactly expecting as an end result. The best part now is to order your rug and wait patiently for its arrival!

If this is of interest, do pop into our showroom and talk to an interior designer to explore how we can transform your home or office space with a custom new Tappeti rug.Tappeti Rugs available through Tailored HQ.

Create Your Happiness Within Your Home

Create Your Happiness Within Your Home

Years ago our houses served a simple function: a roof over our heads.

As we grew and developed as a society, our basic human needs have grown too and as a result, we expect our homes and interior spaces to do more for us than ever before. There has been a huge shift toward the idea of holistic interior designs. Designs that sooth our souls on a higher level.

In 2019 our spaces need to be ultra-functional, whilst looking beautiful and connecting with our sense of self. We long to retreat to sanctuary spaces where we can rest and re-balance ourselves. A place to recoup from the grind of an over-active, hyper-connected world. This connection between self and space has become a key influence on our happiness and the success of a design.

So how can we design our world to encourage happiness and positivity?

Colour Connections.

Many objects and elements inside a house can have a significant impact on one’s mood and the biggest influencer is colour. Studies have shown that colours with warmer undertones inspire relaxation and boost creativity. Blues and green hues can evoke a sense of calm. Red as a strong primary colour is often stated as the enemy of the home décor, because although it can raise energy, it is shown to increase anxiety and hostility when used as the prevailing colour of the room. Opt for darker mulberry, crimson and wine colours for a glamorous boost without the angst.

Light it up.

It is well documented that natural light is intrinsically linked to happiness and mood. It resets our cycadium rhythm and allows us to feel rested and rejuvenated. We know that the number and size of the windows in the room can boost one’s happiness and lack of light can often increase sadness or enhance anxiety. Maximise natural light with window furnishings that are custom designed to suit your windows.

You Do You!

Trends will always come and go but items that truely communicate parts of your personality will always be in style. As I like to say to clients‘Go hard or go home’ and create spaces that are truely authentic to you and your family. Create a theme and let us help you run with it!

After all, your home is an inherent part of you; a physical manifestation of your identity and finding the most beautiful and the best way to represent it is what makes our job so rewarding.

Winter Trends

Winter Trends

by : Jessica McSorley | Interior Designer, Tailored HQ

Winter is well and truly here.

Here at Tailored HQ, a question that we often get asked is ‘what’s seasonally trending?’.

Rather than pull together an accessory list of typical items such as chunky knit throws, sheepskins and woven rugs that are typically associated with Winter, I thought that I would instead focus more on an overall mood board and colour palette.

Rather than pull together an accessory list of typical items such as chunky knit throws, sheepskins and woven rugs that are typically associated with Winter, I thought that I would instead focus more on an overall mood board and colour palette.

This winter, we’re seeing a lot of pinks and plums incorporated with darker timbers for a moody aesthetic. There has also recently been a resurgence of beautifully graphic wallpapers, along with items that have an aged appearance.

This winter, you can achieve the look below by choosing luxuriously soft rugs and materials that have a natural warmth to them, such as leather, timber, felt and wool. Pair these softer materials with finishes like distressed iron, aged brass or mirrors with a patina and you’ll achieve a dichotomy that’s both interesting an pleasing to the eye.

All of the items shown below can be ordered through Tailored HQ.

Feel free to enquire today!

Faux Florals: Like a Pro!

Faux Florals: Like a Pro!

by : Caitlin Stevenson | Interior Designer, Tailored HQ

Everyone loves to come home to a beautiful bunch of flowers. They add an inviting, glamorous air to any space. But, if you’re anything like me, you probably hate having to toss them out a few days later. The fix? Go faux!

Some of you may be cringing, but trust us; Faux florals are more realistic and beautiful than ever before. Some come with latex petals or real-touch elements that make them feel like real blooms.

What else?

·  Good value for money. They last forever! You can buy a few arrangements and swap them around your home. Better yet convince a few friends and swap them over each month.

·  You aren’t restricted by seasons like you are when selecting real florals. You can get what you want, when you want it – we all love that!

·  It’s not only flowers – There are faux plants too! You can place them anywhere without wondering if they are getting too much/not enough light. Better yet, unlike real indoor plants they won’t harbour nasty bugs and spiders in them.

If you prefer to leave the arrangements to the professionals, we have you covered.

If you have a creative flair and a love of florals, we have tips and tricks to ensure you can create your own amazing arrangement.


1. Start with a good base: Begin with a few small branches of leafy greens to build into.
2. Let it flow: Allow the shape of the branches to determine the shape of the bouquet. Rustic, free flowing arrangements are the trend at the moment and are so much more interesting to look at.
3. Ease up: Hold the flowers loosely in your hand, and continue to rotate the bunch as you add to it, particularly if it can be seen from all angles.
4. Keep it simple: Everyone wants to grab all the prettiest flowers and stick them in one bouquet, but the best bouquets feature only a few knockout flowers. Use filler and greenery to accentuate and blend them.
5. Fill in the holes: View your arrangement from the top and all around, and fill in any gaps.


·  Style each stem individually first, bend the leaves a little, fluff the petals up trim any foliage that is sitting too low. Untidy stems are a big florist no-no.

·  Use the right size and shaped vase for the arrangement. ·  Keep it simple, use one to two colours and some greenery.

How to care for your Candles (Plus My Favourite Inoko Scents)

How to care for your Candles (Plus My Favourite Inoko Scents)

by : Jessica McSorley | Interior Designer, Tailored HQ

Brrr…I think that we can say that winter has well and truly arrived. With this cold, wet and windy weather, I know that all I want to do is curl up at home on my sofa in my pyjamas with a hot cup of tea and a beautiful candle burning. There’s something so lovely about a gorgeous scent floating through the air and letting the ambient lighting and warmth saturate the room. It’s good for the soul!

Given that my love of candles borderlines on obsession (just ask my Husband), I thought I’d share a few of my favorite scents that we have available to purchase in store, as well as some helpful tips on how keep your candles in the best shape and extend their lives for as long as possible:

Trim the wick
The golden rule to abide by when you first open-up a new candle is to trim the wick. Ideally your wick should be approximately 1/8 inches high and should be trimmed approximately every 4 hours of burn time. Failure to trim the wick means that you’ll have a larger flame which results in the dreaded ring of soot around the side of the candle, that I so often see. To avoid any issues, simply extinguish the flame, let the candle return to room temperature and then trim the wick before relighting. Easy Peasy.

Follow the recommended burn-time
This is a step that so many people disregard, but it’s SO important to do if you want to get the most out of your candles. Every candle will come with a recommend initial burn time. I am absolutely religious about burning my candles for at least two hours at a time (or longer for larger candles) so that the wax will melt all the way to the edge. Doing this means that you will get a lot more use out of your candle. If you extinguish the candle before the wax has melted right to the edge, it will create a smaller ring in the middle. This means that the next time you light the candle it will only expand to that smaller area and burn down from there, resulting in many less hours of burn time – you might as well be burning a smaller candle.

Use a candle snuffer
I used to think candle snuffers were relatively pointless and just another unnecessary purchase. But in the recent months, my opinion has changed. If you’ve ever had a candle burning for hours, resulting in a beautiful aroma wafting throughout the house, only to blow it out resulting in the smell of smoke, you know how disappointing that can be. By using a candle snuffer, you put the flame out instantly, allowing the scent to linger just a little longer. You also avoid splattering wax on the edges of the vessel (bonus!).

Re-use the Vessel
As an advocate for waste reduction, I’m a big fan of repurposing candles after they’ve been used up. I’ll generally scrape out the small amount of wax remaining and then soak the vessel in warm soapy water. You then have a lovely jar for trickets. If you’re particularly crafty, you could even re-use the vessel to pour your own wax into and make your own bespoke candles.

Alternatively, you could look at a brand like Inoko, who have created stunning vessels and separate candle refills so that your vessel will last a lifetime.

Burn different scents based on the time of year
I love how certain smells can bring back memories and remind us of the seasons.
For example, I know that as soon as I smell Jacaranda, Spring is officially here. Similarly, the smell of salt in the air defines Summer and earthy woodfire smells hail the coming of Winter. I like the candles that I burn around my home to reflect the transition between the seasons. In the colder months, I prefer heavier aromatic scents with woodsy notes or hints of black tea. I then transition to lighter, fruity and floral scents in Spring and Summer. Not only is it a nice way to delineate the time of year, but it also gets me excited anytime it’s time to retire one scent and pull out the next.

Favourite Inoko scent for Autumn: Amber and Burnt Fig
Earthy amber base notes, mixed with fresh fig and delicate warm spices.

Favourite Inoko scent for Winter: Leather and Oud
A masculine blend of citrus and basil top notes, paired with the balsamic, woody notes of Oud, and base notes of leather and cedarwood.

Favourite Inoko scent for Spring: Parisian Blush
A fresh and piquant lime-blossom, nestled amongst green foliage with hints of sultry jasmine, honeyed-rose and star anise

Favourite Inoko scent for Summer: Lychee and Peony
An Asian inspired fruity-floral fragrance blending the delicate freshness of lychee with the subtle softness of Peony.



by : Jessica McSorley | Interior Designer, Tailored HQ

Mother’s Day only a few days away and if you’re like us and still searching for the perfect gift, here is a guide that should spark some inspiration.

This year instead of the standard ‘flowers and a card’, why not buy your Mum a gift that she’ll be able to cherish? Pop into Tailored HQ to buy the perfect gift that says ‘Thank you’ for all you do!’

1. Inoko Candles
Inoko brings you refillable hand poured soy candles, diffuser oils and hand & body Lotion in an array of luxury fragrances. Held in stunning Italian Carrara marble, Beech timber or urban concrete vessels, Inoko refills are designed to be replaced at the end of their life. This ensures that your timelessly beautiful vessel will last you a lifetime.

2. Robert Gordon Stardust ‘Hug Mugs’
Speckled matte white glaze is off-set with a beautiful metallic base.

3. Menu Willmann Vase
Quite literally bringing something new to the table, Willmann Vase perfectly connects the opposites of glass and concrete, fragility and toughness. It’s raw, grey exterior shows off freshly cut blooms beautifully.
H 20 cm Ø 12 cm

4. Tim Neve ‘Foraged’ Linen Placemats and Table Runners
Foraged is a collection of fresh textile designs, inspired by our native botanicals, designed by Australian stylist and Newcastle local Tim Neve.
Seven designs / colourways available.
Pictured in: ‘Gumnuts – Nude’ and ‘Wattle – Fern’

5. Fleur Cheeseboard
Made from solid teak with white marble insert, this stylish piece is perfect for entertaining!

6. Stelton Original Cheese Knife & Slicer
The Original cheese slicer is made of high quality stainless steel and is perfect for semi-hard and hard cheeses. Also try the matching Original cheese knife for a perfect set.

7. Menu Graphite Folded Vase
Cleverly bringing together the art of folding with ceramics, you can choose to add flowers or admire unadorned for the vessels raw beauty.

8. Book: Upgrade; Home Extensions, Alterations & Refurbishments
Why not give your mum the gift of inspiration?
Adding. Extending. Transforming. Upgrade breathes new life in forgotten architecture.

9. La Palma 60x60cm Euro Cushion
These limited edition custom cushions would be a stylish addition to any bed.
With only two ever made, they’re sure to be snapped up, so get in quick!

Why not give your mum a gift that’s truly unique? We can also help you select fabric in store and have your own bespoke cushion covers made in the size of your choosing. How special is that?!